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Rising Phoenix International is dedicated to helping students build a bright future in Canada. 
ISI is a Designated Learning Institution
of Canada DLI#:  O19338447379


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Web Integration Techniques (IWEB)

 Attestation of College Studies

Program's goal :

Development of Web Integrations techniques for web sites and applications.

Professional perspectives:

At the end of this program, you will have acquired the skills to work as:

  • Software Developer

  • Web Developer

  • Client integration Developer

  • Programmer Front-End Web

  • Analyst Programmer

  • Integration Specialist


Technologies taught:

C, C ++, C #, SQL, Java, Node.js, Angular JS, React, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap

  • HTTP Protocol

  • HTML Language

  • CMS & Javascript

  • SEO Tools

  • Web Apps  


Applicants must have completed Grade 12

For Quebec residents please click here to learn more about prerequisites.

Course Details:

Graphical utility (Photoshop)

Create images with software tools such as Photoshop.

Create a website with Photoshop.


Web programming (HTML)

Introduction to web programming and to HTTP basics.

Create a webpage structure using HTML and then improve it by using CSS (style sheets).


Web programming I (CMS)

Use and configure a content management system (CMS) to develop a website.

Integrate functionalities by using the tools available in the CMS.


Web programming II (JavaScript)

Animate web pages created using HTML and make them interactive by adding JavaScript.


Web programming III

Master the concepts and notions of visibility, accessibility, performance, and website usability.

Learn to adequately reference websites (SEO).

Learn advanced HTML and CSS techniques to optimize browser compatibility, program production time, and webpage performance.


Final project

Create a complete web application that integrates all the covered concepts.


Creative job search techniques

Get familiar with the job market.

Put together a CV.

Develop job search techniques.


End-of-studies internship

Deepen knowledge of Java.

Consolidate the acquired notions through effective application of all concepts and learnings in real-life situations. Practice the job by being in direct contact with clients and users. Budgets, deadlines, and problem-solving.

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