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ISI: A College Specializing in I.T. and Computer Science
A career in computer science
Our Programs:
  • Since 1997, ISI has been accredited by the Quebec government (permit 303-531) for its attestations d'études collégiales (AEC).

  • Thanks to our experienced professors who are always working to stay on top of the latest technological developments, students are able to progress quickly and acquire recognized skills as well as learn cutting edge technology in the classroom.

  • Upon leaving the institute, graduates are ready to enter the labor market with proven professional skills adapted to the current demands of the market.

The Campus

Henriette Morin

Henriette is one of the founders of ISI. She graduated from the Université du Québec à Montréal with a bachelor's degree in administration in 1984.

Rachid Spade

Having taught programming for 10 years in the ISI team, Rachid has been the general manager of the school since October 2010.

Adil Haouzia
Adil Haouzia

In addition to this permanent team of teachers, there are specialized freelancers from the industry.

Student Services
The Campus
  • ISI offers students access to classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and software as well as multiple learning resources.

  • The premises of our campus has been designed to respond to the needs of our students. We designed open and warm spaces that stimulate a learning environment.

  • ISI recently renovated, we increased our capacity by 25% to meet a growing demand from our clientele. Particular attention was paid to  comfort and ergonomics as well as the new, fast and cutting edge equipment.

Study in Montreal
  • Over the years, Greater Montréal has become a center of excellence and innovation in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

  • Montréal ranks 3rd in North America for growth in IT employment 

  • 107,500 highly skilled jobs

  • 5,250 companies

  • $ 11.6 billion in GDP

(source: TechnoMontréal ) :​

  • Montréal Also:

International Student Admissions

ISI works across the world with our team of student admissions representatives to help counsel students on how to make the best of their international studies in Canada. One example is Mr. Vaibhav Sharma who works and  travels across India bringing ISI College to education fairs and students who want the very best in the Canadian educational experience. 

Contact Vaibhav today at northindia@isi-international.com or westindia@isi-international.com


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Institut supérieur d'informatique
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ISI is a Designated Learning Institution of Canada. DLI#:  O19338447379